Rotation speed

Yes Madrid or Barcelona! (If you are talking about Spain)

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Here is a post DeerCrusher posted a while back on 787 performance. You might find it useful ;)

In Spain!
Yo could try 787 from Air Europa.
Its very nice!

Oh yeah thats a nice livery!

which 787 should I do?

either the -8 or -9 but in this case all up to you!

I like the 9 and 10 so 9 it is but one more question how much fuel sorry Iā€™m not used to the 787

oh for that use

Only thing is it does not have the -9 or -10 but they are super similar so you can get an idea where to get fuel for your upcoming trips. You can also use if you like to fly realisticly. And lastly, there is :)

cool thanks thats very helpful

You are very welcome!