Rotation speed

So I was flying with a 787 and on takeoff, I started rotating on 140 knots and my nose stayed in the air and it took a very long time to lift off the ground.

Well, how heavy was the aircraft? What was your power set at? What was your Flap setting?

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my flaps were at 15 degrees and i had medium fuel and I had 140 passengers

I think you rotating at 155-160 knots will help. 140 knots is too slow of a rotation speed

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well usually I fly a 737 and I also saw a video showing the rotation of 140

737’s are lighter and hence only needs a slower rotation speed. Also do you know the weight configuration of the plane, knowing 140 knots without the weight does not apply in every situation.

oh okay so like 180 would be good?

Try 155-160 first, your plane only has medium weight, 180 will be too fast

okay thanks!

when I started to rotate it looked very bad just cruising down the runway nose up;)

Well, it depends in the exterior temperature, take off weight, wind, and other factors.
So for the next take off, make sure you adjust the flaps more or just slide your throttle to TOGA to make sure your rotation its positive, without touching the runway with the tail!
I have reported about the rotation (vr) in a model 787 and everything depends on several factors but approx. the normal, would be to rotate between 150-170 knots.

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thanks! but what percentage is TOGA?

is it 95%?

I think your accleration is too fast, use around 70-75% thrust and itll help

okay thanks

so where should I fly to next?

Your weight, the wind, speed and flaps determine everything!

I know so where should I fly to next?

You could try Madrid (LEMD) is a very nice destination

where is that?