Rotation & flare pitch attitudes for 737-700 to 900?

Looking to see if anyone knows the pitch attitudes we should fly for rotation & flare in the 737-700,-800 &-900?

These are different especially for the -800 &-900 which are stretched models. I use 5 degrees by default for rotation and flare to avoid a tail strike but I’m not sure if this is correct.


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Whenever I rotate for take-off I gently pull back 5-8 degrees, then when the plane is off the ground slowly increase the pitch to somewhere around 10-15 degrees until flaps up then back to 5-10 degrees for a smooth climb out. For landing I tend to flare up to 5 degrees or a little bit more.


Here is an overview from a 737 tech site:
All versions from the classic -300 to the Max 9 are covered.

737 Tailstrike geometry

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The pitch for take off at vr past 2 second is like 2* after that m can up to 15.

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Whenever your landing keep it at the main line and once the computer says 30 cut the power to zero and pull back between halfway and all the way to the first bar above the center bar. It works perfectly for me.

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Takeoff pitch for me is around 8-12 degrees.
Landing pitch for me is around 3-6 degrees.

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really depends on the aircraft, for the 737-900 I try to calculate the exact v speed then slowly rotate, and in case the v speed is too slow, I’ll notice because passing 5-7 degrees I’m not gaining any altitude, then after that just slowly pull the nose up as you put the gear up

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