Rotating out of Wamena


Hello everyone, welcome to one of my few #screenshots-and-videos topics! In this topic, I’ll show you some pictures I have taken some shots from my departure out of Wamena Airport in Papua, Indonesia. If you have any feedback, it would be greatly appreciated so I can show you better pictures next time.

Brief Informations

Server Plane Departure Airport
Expert Daher TBM-930 WAVV (Wamena)


Picture 1 : Waiting at the apron

Picture 2 : V1, Rotate!

Picture 3 : Goodbye, Wamena!

Picture 4 : Making a 180° turn towards central Papua

Picture 5 : Flying through a narrow valley with Puncak Jaya visible in the background

Thank you all for reading my topic :)


Wow George. A place that haven’t been too, but looks amazing 🤩

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Woah those are some beautiful rolling hills and mountains!

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Indeed! I hope one day Papua can be featured in the IFATC schedule. Everyone need to see this beautiful place! :D

@snoman Yes, try it when you have some time ;)

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I am definitely flying there this week!

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Yup, Thursday would be a nice option as Kuala Lumpur/Singapore will be staffed. It should take around 3 hours to reach Wamena from either airports

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Great pictures of my absolute favorite plane in IF, the TBM. 😃

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Thanks Alex for the praise :D

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V1, Rotate, Picture 2 Had Me Like This Thread ;)

All the photos came out great. Definitely a very very underrated, so underrated, I don’t even know where you are at even… XD oh and a beautiful place too at that. It’s a must visit next time I get time to fly in IF 🤩

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Not much feedback to provide here, apart from the fact that especially the first two perspectives are really unique and cool!

Really well made, thanks for sharing!

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Thanks alot JR and @JulianB . All of these compliments motivated me to take more screenshots of my journey in the future 😄👍