Rotating Beacon Light

When flying into Grenoble (LFLS) I noticed what looks like a flat image of a light, white on one side and green on the other, on a building. In real life it is the control tower. Is this a graphical bug?

I believe it’s supposed to be the location of the control tower.

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No, that is simply the location of the tower. It activates at night to tell pilots where the tower is so they can avoid it.

No bug, error or glitch here. :)

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Huh, I guess I just never émotives it before 🤦‍♂️ Thanks, this can be closed.

This is it.

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Not quite! It’s not an obstacle light. 🙂

In many cases the rotating beacon is not located where the control tower is. Simply a visual for pilots to locate airports from afar. There are also unique combinations of lights to recognize the difference between civilian airports, military airfields, and seaports from above.