Rotate/Landing speed calculator

Does anyone know of a website/app that you can plug in your route, aircraft type, and weight, etc. And it will tell you the rotate speed, landing speed, when to start decent, and things like that for free?


The ones I know are for Xplane, but I’ve never got around to use them.
You will have better luck by looking up for VA Vspeed charts and all that (better than nothing).

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I’m interested in this too. Could help a lot. 🙂


They’ll still work for flying in IF, right?

Why shouldn’t they? Check this topic I found while searching the forum: Is there a flying manual for Boeing 777?
One of the comments has quite a lot of info regarding Vspeeds and weights.

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i know this if infinite flight and this is for P3D but for the new updated aircraft this will be very accurate simMarket: Flight Simulation Add-Ons - MSFS, P3D, FSX, XPLANE

This is for 777’s I need one for any aircraft

Open that comment and there will be more info regarding every aircraft.

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But this costs money

I need one that is free, and for any IF aircraft

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I’ve found this especially difficult to find for airliners. Because most of those aircraft have flight management computers that compute these things automatically, the POH doesn’t have those speed and charts anymore. The Q400 is the only one I’ve been able to find so far.
Most GA aircraft POH have them though.

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Ok, I specifically need one for the A321, C172, and the B789 this is for the A320… if you scroll down a bit you’ll see a chart, remember the weight in these charts are in pounds, IF is in KG. you can use this asa reference for the a320

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I’m pretty sure you’ll find some of those if you look them up on the internet.

Try using Google…

DELTA VIRTUAL has some very good airplane manual s which give you a lot of info including V speeds.

That’s where I took the Vspeeds for the 777. Its very useful.
I also found the ones for the DC-8.

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Pretty much all of the big aircraft in IF are on there. Great research tool

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If you have airbus planes i do know a free download

You just need aircraft specifications, such a checklist and such. would have all this technical data free of charge.

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I couldn’t find it on Could you please provide a link?