Rossiya Boeing 747-400

Rossiya Boeing 747-400 Livery

Hey everyone!

I’ve been aware of this airline for quite some time, especially with the specific 747 aircraft. I was quite sure that there was an active feature request for this. Which turned out to be false, while I was looking for a Rossiya 747 request to spend a vote on. As it was one of my favourite Boeing 747 liveries, I decided to make a request for this.

Rossiya is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Aeroflot group, mainly flying routes out of St. Petersburg, Moscow Vnukovo, and Moscow Sheremetyevo, sometimes flying under Aeroflot’s own flight numbers. Rossiya mostly flies long haul routes with the 747, to destinations such as Khabarovsk, Simferopol, Phuket, Antalya, Goa, et cetera. Its sleek and beautiful livery I’d say adds more enjoyment to the experience of these already fun routes. Not to mention that it’s another missing Russian airline yet to be added into Infinite Flight. Rossiya also owns a separate fleet of the Airbus A320 family, Boeing 737, as well as the Boeing 777, operating around 50 aircraft, making it one of the largest air carriers in Russia, operating over half of the traffic at St. Petersburg. The 747’s capacity makes it perfect for high-density routes around Russia as, a lot of the time, demand is very high on the routes Rossiya serves.


One of the best 747 liveries in my eyes. I’d fly just about anywhere possible in this!

EI-XLH’s Operating History

Delivered to Japan Airlines in November of 1999 as JA8918
Transferred to Transaero in November of 2011 after a cabin outfitting as EI-XLH
After ceasing operations, it was transferred to Rossiya, in October of 2016.

About Rossiya:

About the Boeing 747-400:

I am also aware that this is a duplicate. I had flagged it, and I was told to remake the thread beforehand, and let them know.

that landing looks troublesome


Was about to say that… I’m not voting until the 747 gets into some better shape. :)



No votes, though… :(

Fun fact the 747s are registered in Ireland


Way to avoid import taxes and high tariffs :^)


Almost all western planes in Russia are registered either in Ireland or in Bermudas to avoid taxes. Because of that, every year the industry saves tens of millions of dolars. However, the taxes are much more smaller on russian built aircraft though, so that’s why all superjets in russia are registered in russia and not some islands in North Atlantic.
Oh and also, voted!


A bigger excuse to have this in game! Bigger fleet, bigger incentive.


Can´t wait for this livry in IF!!

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We should have this livery in the sim )

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Sounds like those BA 744s arent going to Rossiya

I definitely think that this livery should be added! Russia’s smaller airlines don’t get enough attention game and are never added. If the 747 gets reworked we should all ask for this livery! 😁

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This livery is a good option. Many airlines around the world have already begun retiring the 747-400s from their fleets, while Rossiya Airlines has no retirement plans for the 747-400, so it might be a good idea to add it.

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Voted because this is must-have livery! Also, here is explanation of Rossiya’s branding which can help drawing this livery: Rebranding for "Rossiya" Airlines

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Yay 2 votes in 1 day

this plane really does not look good for landing LOL


Phuket winds, don’t worry, the Queen can handle anything👑


Little bump in there
Россия (Rossiya) is one of the last airline to operate the 747-400


It looks magnificent in the Rossiya livery!

would love to see this added it looks really cool

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