Rossiya Boeing 747-400 "caring for tigers" livery

Inspired by the Transaero Amur tiger livery on their stored Boeing 747-400 this new tiger livery of Rossiya Airlines is a true beauty :)


Nice front, but I can’t see what it looks like on the side.

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It isn’t the same livery and airline. :)



Check the airline my friend ;)

This one is Rossiya Russian Airlines the other one’s Transaero which ceased ops in 2015 ;)

Oops, so sorry… Didn’t see.

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@ewanfleming on the side it’s just the standard Rossiya livery ;)

You can check it out here:


What about now? Is it a Duplicate?

Oh I understand. Correct picture then.

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No, it isn’t:

There’s one for the standard Rossiya livery (which I pointed out)
And another one for the Transaero Amur Tiger livery (you pointed out) :)

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Omg, I am so stupid. Sorry again.

No worries at all ;)

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How to make the 747 even more beautiful? The answer is right here


I love this especially since the 747-400’s are now on their way out. This livery makes want to adopt a tiger (you can actually do that)


Let the tigers roar… 🐯

Btw, I like the tiger’s face in the front of the aircraft. Reminds me with BAW’s Panda Face 🐼

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Check the registration, I searched for 5 minutes, the aircraft with the picture at the OP has the registration EI-XLD, the one in the link I posted also has the registration EI-XLD.

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This goes very fit with the Meraj Airlines Iranian tiger livery. I can’t actually believe there are 4 special liveries about the Iranian/Asian tiger!
[details=Liveries]Meraj Airlines Iranian Tiger 1 (Airbus A300)
Meraj Airlines Iranian Tiger 2 (Airbus A320)
Transaero Amur Tiger (Boeing 747)
Rossiya Caring for Tigers (Boeing 747)