Rossiya Airlines Airbus A320-200

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Rossiya Airlines A320 - VQ-BSG


About Rossiya Airlines
The Russian airline is a part of the Aeroflot Group and today is one of the largest air carriers in Russia. (started its activity on May 7, 1934) Rossiya is the largest and the base carrier of Pulkovo Airport (Saint Petersburg). The company operates flights from Moscow Sheremetyevo.

About Airbus A320
The A320 is a narrow - body aircraft with a maximum range of 5,500 km.

Why i want this livery
I fly this airline and… this livery is beautiful

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VQ-BSG was named “Grozny”, this city is located in the North of the Caucasus and built in 1818.


It’s sad we don’t have the same amount of vote as the number of months in the year to SHOOT a vote for that beauty !!

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The age of VQ-BSG is 7.9 years. In 2014, it was delivered to the parent airline, Aeroflot, where it received the name Yu. Senkevich. And in October 2021, it was transferred to Rossiya Airlines, where it received the name “Grozny”.

As far as I know, the VQ-BSG is the only A320 with winglets

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