Rossiya Airlines 777-31HER

Not surprised.


I see there are a lot of liveries requests for B777-300ER before 20.2 final release, so let’s still hope that it will be added as well, as liveries like ANA, Japan airlines and other popular livery requests. This one is an actual beauty and it just cannot be ignored. Please, I want it so much

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Bumping this up would’ve been a great livery to fly on those Russian routes today.

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Probably my most wanted 777 livery or maybe Azur Air

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Nice livery, although the airline itself is not very good

Rossiya is an very beautiful livery. I hope we can get more votes for this livery. ✈👀


Their normal livery looks like a special livery! It’s so nice!

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Yes thats true. Rossiya has also special liverys… on the 747 the tiger face and 777 the leopard face.

The airline is fighting to safe the tigers and leopards and co, on this planet.


This plane sometimes flies near my house. Very beautiful livery!

Incredibly beautiful livery

Photo by: Aktug Ates (on JetPhotos)


I hope we get to see this added.

Wow now we have 41 vote with me

I think that we will have this livery in if soon:)


it is very sad that no one is interested in Russian liveries, apparently - I rely on the results of the votes, since Aeroflot’s Airbus A350-900 collected only 30 votes, and 777 of Rossiya airlines collected 45 votes. And these are the leaders of the votes among our Russian community…