Rossiya Airbus A319-100

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Back in my quest for promoting more Russian liveries. This one now popped up in my head. This livery being Rossiya. Rossiya Airlines is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aeroflot with hubs in both St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo Airport and Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport. Why I want this livery is simple, just look at it. But a second reason is that it opens many route opportunities, especially from Vnukovo and Pulkovo. Rossiya owns 21 Airbus A319 aircraft including 6 A320s. I think this livery is unique and quite beautiful and definitely one that belongs in IF.


Just beautiful, might be one of my favourites.

About Rossiya Airlines:

About the Airbus A319:

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Это русский, так почему бы и нет? (It’s Russian so why not).

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Cool livery

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Bringing this back. About time we get a Rossiya livery in IF :^)

Just gonna bump this. This deserves some attention. I mean, look at it!

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This should be add with the Ural Air and the Aeroflot ones!

This livery would be pretty cool to have !


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Rossiya has a massive domestic and international network from St. Petersburg, so this’ll give the perfect opportunities!

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