Roses are red, KLM's are blue, I love Schiphol and so should you

Moar photos from my recent trip

Nothing special to say tbh. I just had some fun with 2 of my friends. Blasting simpsonwave while cycling on a random bicycle path with zero lighting in complete darkness after rounding off our spotting sesh was certainly “the experience of all time”

Starting off with this not so sharp photo of a KLM 787 taking off

Continuing with a very sharp photo of this Air Canada

Taxiway V time

First time at this location. I highly recommend going to this spot if runway 18R/36L is in use

Seriously, why does vueling have at least 10 daily flights to Schiphol?

The hopper of cities

Words cannot describe how infuriated I am by those light poles.

Some would say that this cloud is a towering cumulus. Others would say that this cloud was caused by a massive explosion due to some particles colliding. Neither statement is false or true.

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Is that Simpsonwave 1995? It’s a good song ngl

Best aircraft in KLM’s fleet imo

It might be a meme song but it goes hard


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Ikr it makes me think about all my memories kinda like memory reboot. It’s also nice to listen while working out

Because why not?

Because why yes?

It’s a giant Tulip.

Nice shots!

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There’s a pole in the photo. Just thought I’d let you know 🤭

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This IS the Netherlands after all.

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Who wouldn’t want to go to Schiphol 10 times a day? Or to Spain 10 times a day?

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Thanks for letting me know, I didn’t notice

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