Rortos Real Flight Simulator vs IF

Note: This is entirely informative to help you make the correct descision and is not against or for IF with any bias.

Lets start with the fact that you can access airports worldwide i think in RFS Solo whereas IF has only regions. Secondly aircraft in RFS Solo are severely limited to three short haul ones whereas IF has a good spread. Next, IF has military aircraft, RFS only Civilian. Carrying on from personal experience in network conditions that i can run IF in, RFS has lagged. Next, RFS has built in emergency features which is cool but to be honest we have IFPAX add-on for example and i can’t imagine the majority of people using them more than a few times and also the emergencies are automatically enabled so you could have forgotten to change the settings and crash during a long haul. On top of all this, the aircraft are not very high quality and and the physics is not the best meaning it can be hard to control. In addition, although it has ATC which uses slightly more realistic terminology, it is it quite a basic set up in terms of options and there is no user controllers which is one of my favourite parts of IF.

I’ll add more as i play it a bit more but currently i’d say that IF is the best currently but it is pre-release with more set to be added. I feel that in terms of Solo, i’d rather have regions and a range of aircraft than a 3 and the whole world. Alsoon IF Solo you can make your own FPL on RFS it makes an automatic one. Also i feel that maybe it has either been rushed to grab some of IF’s market or that less resources have been put into it to bring down the price but that has resulted in poor physics and aircraft.

Please also note for now its only on Android.

I’d love to hear other peoples opinions and wouod be happy to try and answer any questions about it.

I am not associated with Rortos or FDS and my view is wholly independant.


How long has it been since you played IF?


I’d double check that.

Also, this community is for Infinite Flight and Infinite Flight only. 😊


I’ve tried Rortos RFS as my friend got an early access for the game (He bought it and showed it to me). I feel the game is pretty similar to the old Infinite Flight (Prior to Global). It has regions (all regions that used to exist in Infinite Flight), aircraft choices (Pretty identical to IF’s except some additions like A220), Identical User Interface (Except for working instruments).

I personally prefer IF over Rortos RFS. Yes, there may be emergencies on Rortos’ (I ripped my gear after TO), but it isn’t an important feature to me.


the original flight sim for Rortos was “Extreme Landings” it had emergencies, it had weather/storms, 3D buildings, global as well, but it had very few airports and very few planes & liveries, also in high altitude the ground graphics are really bad.

as for RFS i am not sure tbh, seems like its un upgraded version of “Extreme Landings” but also copying some IF features, for now i don’t think i am gonna spend my money on it.

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This forum does not talk about other sims/games as it is only for IF.

Personally, the design/ stucture of the aircraft in the game is pretty trash. The A350 looks like a330. And many more aircraft don’t even look like what they are supposed to look like. Additionally, we know these features can be added in the future, we just have to wait.

thats for sure but comparison like this can help someone know better about IF,

my first ever Topic here was made before i got IF, i made a topic asking questions and i brought other sims like Xplane 10 and “Extreme Landings” into the Topic to let people know what kind of flight sims i am familiar with so they can share their thoughts & information on what i can get in IF that i won’t get in other mobile flight sims and that was very helpful to make my decision for buying IF and subscription, since then i haven’t touched any other flight sim.

This is the Infinite flight community.

I like it from what I’ve seen I like it! It has clouds the A350, a livery selection the A350 and buildings.

Why are you bringing up a competitor of IF on the IFC. You also seem to have been very inactive on IF because we have global now. Yes, both apps have differences, but I think most people would agree that you should just stay on the topic of IF

Hi Folks,

While this looks like a nice healthy discussion so far, we are the Infinite Flight community as has been pointed out. There are general flight sim forums that aren’t product-specific that I’d encourage you to make your comparisons on. This will help us clear out some of the noise for people who are genuinely seeking help or people to fly with.