Rooftop Spotting: pt. 1

Hi everyone! I live under the flight path for KLGA, and even though the planes were high today (2800ft) I decided to do some spotting since it was nice out! Enjoy, expect more photos to come!

All photos taken with:
Canon EOS Rebel SL3
24-105mm lense
Hoping to get a 200mm soon!

Delta E175 from the 'burbs

a plover is a bird? I learned something new today!

Baby bus vibes

B6931 is ready to be done!

Melbourne!? Since when do CRJ900’s fly to Australia!?

That’s everything! Feel free to give my feedback down there 👇
Had fun with the puns, went a little overboard: oopsy!

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Pick your favorite pic!
  • 1 (Delta E175)
  • 2 (Frontier A320)
  • 3 (Frontier A320 wide-shot)
  • 4 (Jetblue E190)
  • 5 (Delta CRJ900)
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Nice shots there!

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Thank you so much! I work with what I got.

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Bro has the @Kamryn camera


Love the Delta 175. The Delta E175S NEEDS to be added