Rooftop Shots in Tokyo

Long time no topic. Decided to hang around Tokyo yesterday and watch some of the departures. Here’s what I caught: (make sure to click/tap for full resolution)

Lufthansa A350-900 // RJTT-EDDF

Korean Air A220-300 // RJTT - RKSI

Several aircraft wait to cross the airport’s busy 34L

Hawaiian Airlines 767-300ER // RJTT-PHNL

A Turkish Airlines 777-300ER holds short of 34L, massive hangers looming over


Airport: RJTT
Server: Expert
Session Time: 1h


Wonderful and very clear pictures

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Thank you very much.

It’s really interesting to see korean Air 220 and 380


Rooftop you say

Climbed onto the roof, you did?

Possibly… please don’t call airport ops

Ehh I’m 12hrs away from Tokyo and my homebase isn’t there so even if I wish to do so I am unable

Btw nice photos yes

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Nice shots ! :)

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Thank you kindly

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Nice pictures!

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Thank you very much

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