Rome Planespotting

Hello all, sorry for the late post of the Rome Planespotting, I was taking a little break for the weekend, hope y’all don’t mind, oh well, I’m back!

Do mods read these anymore?

Server: solo
Routes: variety

American Airlines Boeing 787-9 coming from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Of America

Alitalia Boeing 777-200ER going to Victorville to go to storage

Alitalia Cityliner Embraer E175 coming from Milan

Emirates Boeing 777-300ER coming from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Swiss Airbus A321-200 going to Zurich, Switzerland

Royal Canadian Air Force C130-J coming from Comox AFB

Air France Airbus A220-300 going to Paris

Bonus Shot

Cockpit shot of the Air France A220-300 Air France was kind enough to give

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Where should I spot next?

  • Amsterdam
  • Paris
  • Kingston
  • Sarasota
  • Hong Kong
  • San Francisco

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Also I’ve been thinking of starting to do Trip Reports, so I can have a variety of topics to post almost everyday! Should I post a mix of trip reports and Planespotting topics?

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  • Of Course!!

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I never knew you could take off with no flaps lol


Wow… great pics! I need to try a spotting topic soon!

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You should, it’s very fun, I’ll also start making trip report topics!

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I’ve also lately been thinking of doing a PPL pilots experience up to a commercial pilot, to make interesting variety of topics :)

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Like in infinite flight

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Honestly a great idea! You should do that :)

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I’m going to post it later.

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