I Was planing to fly in LIRF airport and it is displaying a message like this
what is this

First this does not belong in the support category


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It’s full form is “notice to airmen”

A NOTAM is a Notice to Airmen. Definition by the PCG is, “ A notice containing information (not known sufficiently in advance to publicize by other means) concerning the establishment, condition, or change in any component (facility, service, or procedure of, or hazard in the National Airspace System) the timely knowledge of which is essential to personnel concerned with flight operations”.

They’re all correct, but I think what you’re asking is how it’s used in IF. If you follow what it says in the message, you’ll be fine. So in this case, don’t do any flights between LIRF and an airport immediately surrounding it. They basically just don’t want people to do little 10min flights that mess up sequencing


ok thankyou very much

Our pleasure! Fly safe

Is anyone able to explain why the notam is in place?

Today Friday Night Flight is in Rome! The NOTAM/TFR is currently over then Rome area to warn pilots to not fly out of any of the airports surrounding LIRF and fly to LIRF. If you do, you will get ghosted without warning by a IFATC Controller


So if anyone wants to fly out of any other airport, they’ll be ghosted? Wow

No, only if you depart out of one of the airports in the red circle bound for LIRF

Yes, it is because IFATC has to deal with a lot of traffic and there will be active approach. Flying between airports within this region will be an unnecessary burden to controllers. Hence the Notice To Air Men stands.

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