Roma-Fiumicino to Hong Kong

With the newly update of infinite flight, I did an amazing flight to two new 3d Airports, Roma-Fiumicino Intl Airport and Hong Kong Intl. I had to say this might be one of my favorite routes in infinite flight currently. Even though I wish that I could have being accompanied on this new route, it was still a successful flight. Also I was able to spot Aviatorz flying from Hamad in the B777F.

Parked at Terminal 3 Gate 711 at Roma-Fiumicino Intl

Sunrise Departure on runway 34L at Roma-Fiumicino

Beautiful Mountain Peaks near the Kyrgyzstan Border

Beautiful Sunset over China

Night Landing on runway 7L at Hong Kong

Parked at Terminal 1 Midfield Concourse Gate D208

Overview shot

Flight Time: 10 hours and 6 minutes
Boeing 777-300er
Cathay Pacific Livery
Cruising Altitude: 41,000ft
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Great pictures!! Really liked the third one there:)

Wow nice shots ! ;) I love Roma Fiumicino airport and Hong Kong airport in 3D ! :)

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