Rolls Royce RB211 for 767-300

Ok, I will edit mine. Thank you for the tip. It looks a lot more organized now!

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Well we’re at it why don’t we just request every single engine variant that’s in every single aircraft?

Surely this comes under:



From what I know, that does not state anything about the engines… Only the cosmetics of the 767, and different body forms like the -400, -300 etc.

I have always found these engines very odd looking on the 767. They look a bit long and small? I feel it matches the BA livery.

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I’ve tried that before. “Forum police” didn’t take too kindly to that 😂

I gotta agree with you man and the timing of this request floors me. We have global in development, MD’s on the horizon, and we just voted on the production of a new ERJ family I think?

As if the FDS had time to stop what they are doing and redo the engines on every plane. I mean I like the idea but again the timing is outstanding.

Nevertheless @BoeingDream I suggest you bump this after the MD’s drop and global releases so I can vote for it and the devs have time to at least consider it let alone work on it.

The forum police aren’t mods. I just don’t pay attention to them and would post it even if they dislike it. 😂


I’m not too familiar with the IF forums, could you explain how to do that?

what is that?