Rolls Royce or CFM

Engine Options

  • Rolls Royce
  • CFM

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Personally you can’t beat the sound of GEnx
But in this case Rolls Royce has my vote!


Defiantly Rolls Royce

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100% Rolls Royce 😀

RR all the way. I live like 10 miles from where they make some of them ;)


Rolls. So unspeakably sleek and powerful. My love for RR’s goes on and on

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What’s the image for? such a nice livery!
Rolls Royce is sooo good. Those Trent 800 and 900 are so good

It’s a RR engine on the Aircraft


Rolls Royce. And we definitely need that livery!!

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Yes requested already I think but it’s a must!!

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Beautiful livery

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