Rolls Royce BR715 vs. GE-90

This is just music to my ears…

But if the GE-90 screamed just a little louder, I would love it even more than the BR715 engines.

This is a pretty hard decision for me…

Which one do you think sounds better?

  • RR BR715
  • GE-90

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I like the JT8D. Kinda like the BR715 but with more attitude.

GE-90 for life… Some random AFR started its engines at WSSS Terminal 1 and the Viewing Gallery’s glass was like vibrating hahaha


Imagine if they got the 777-300ER to sound like this in Infinite Flight… :o


I could be wrong but maybe the GE isnt louder because of nosie abatement laws (sorry if i spelled if wrong)


I am impressed you spelled abatement correctly haha :D

1: True
2: You didn’t spell “abatement” wrong, but you spelled “wrong” wrong…



The GE90’s are awesome

Boeing 717-200s BR715s. Give me the chainsaw any day…

Sooooooo difficult!

GE-90 115B1 - much better!

Melek is right. Boeing is of course trying to reduce the noise their engines are producing, just like Airbus did with the A380. Those who have been on the A380, you must have noticed that you don’t really hear the engines during take-off. It’s normal, they think about pax comfort.

But for people mad about aviation, who think about aviation 24/7, like us: we love the sound an engines makes (an average traveller would hate it!).

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of course RR, but i think if you want to compare, you have to use the same aircraft. for example, 777. and not 717 and 777

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I guess you weren’t planning to sleep.

Don’t forget the 777F which has the same engines.

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I could definitely fall asleep to that.

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