Rolling Time Periods

Hello! I Have A Issue With IF, I’m Currently Grade 4,And IF Keep DownGrage Me To Grade 3, Due To ‘99’ Landings Not 100 Instead, Normal I Have Like 112 Landings, But IF Keep DownGrage Me To Grade 3, How I Can Fix This? Thanks!

If you have 112 landings in total that is not the same as 100 landings in 90 days in order maintain your grade you must have at least 100 landings in 90 days not 112 landings in total hope this helps :)

Just Checked LiveFlight And I Just See I Have ‘275’ In Total, But IF Still DownGrage Me To Gr.3, I Think This Is A Bug Or Maybe A Glitch.

Without a screenshot of your Grade Table it will be difficult for us to help you further.

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What’s need to be over 100 is the thing circled in Red(if the number is orange as shown above that means you have not met that requirement) the thing circled in yellow does not matter within the 90 day period to maintain your IF grade

You’re not reading the whole thing.

It says last 90 days. Of the 275, not all of them occurred in the last 3 months. Anything 91 days or more ago rolls off for that row of the table.

It’s not a glitch


Guys you cant read a table:

  1. You do have enough landings, so that isnt the problem

  2. You have received a violation within the last 7 days. (As you can see the (7 day) Max Violation Limit for Grade 4 is highlighted).

  3. To solve this: Wait a week and then do a short 10 minute flight on Casual server (so it can reset) and you should be Grade 4 again.

Happy landings and happy to help!


You’re the one reading the wrong table. @Justin0623 just posted his own as an example. It’s not the posters one, who are experiencing the “issue” (not an issue…)


Common problem in IF. People know where the table is but don’t read it…

I didnt know that was an example. I thought that was his.

Sorry for any misunderstanding


Please spend some time to review this tutorial as it will also explain how some of the time based stats are calculated.


Here Is My Table

And Also I Am Grade 4 From “ESSA-EIDW” Flight.

You will be Grade 4 because you hit the 100 landings (90 Days) requirement after a flight with at least 1 landing.

If you don’t maintain that minimum of 100 landings then you will drop to Grade 3 again. This drop in grade can change on a daily basis.

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Ok Thanks Very Much!

Be sure to use Chris’s link for future reference as well. Cheers