Rolling Across the Atlantic

I’ve decided to try something new and I took off from St. John’s and landed in the Atlantic just off te coast. My play is to basically roll my way to Ireland at about 130 knots. Everyone can track my “flight” here if you want

Ummmmmm, good luck with that.

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I just hope this is being done on the casual server.



Uhhhhhhhhhhhh 😳😳😳😳. At least I’m not on the expert server

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You are going going to get a lot of violations (If the 35 knot rule is in effect for water)

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Have many violations have you gotten so far?

It’s not so I’ll be ok

I haven’t gotten any

Oh, how do you plan to get to ANY airports?

that’s good, at least youre not on expert

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I don’t, I plan on seeing the Irish coast and ending the flight

This is a bit humorous actually 😂

I don’t see any good coming out of landing in the ocean. Unless you have a Twin Otter Sea Plane of course which isn’t available in the app.