Roll/yaw trimming

Good idea and thanks for the vote!

Hi TBM lovers! If you want to sit upright in strong winds, come up and vote! We need you 😀

The bank in cruise with a steady, strong crosswind is probably just a bug with the autopilot. In NAV mode the AP should adjust the heading as required to keep the ground track on the magenta line. No aileron or rudder trim necessary.

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Well, it exists in the TBM (see cockpit picture above), because no passenger would bear traveling in a banked plane. Trimming also brings speed and saves fuel.

Yes, I know it exists - I was about to post a similar screenshot when I came across this feature request.

There is nothing wrong with the feature request, there may be other good reasons to ask for aileron / rudder trim in the sim. But it is probably not the right solution for this particular problem (the TBM banking in cruise with a strong crosswind).

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Ah, ok. You think it might be a model problem?
I don’t know for sure of course, but it seems to me that the autopilot couteracts the crosswinds by aileron trimming only. If i add rudder correction by hand with AP on, banking stops and the crabbing gets more pronounced.

A TBM pilot could help I guess but there are not that many around!

Think about how you would row a boat across a river - you would point the prow a bit upstream to compensate for the current. Once you get the angle right, you would keep the rudder straight (unless your speed or the current changes). Ideally the AP would do the same - establish the right crab angle to compensate for the drift caused by the crosswind.

There could be any number of reasons why it doesn’t work that way with the Infinite Flight TBM, it’s a simulator after all. A fix would be nice, but of course it may be difficult depending on how they implemented the AP.

(On the real TBM the rudder trim is probably there to compensate for a tendency to turn left on takeoff and climb - it must be quite significant with such a powerful engine).


We need this. I’m still having trouble with those crosswind landings lol