Roll/yaw trimming


When flying the tbm930 with strong crosswind (50kt or more) at cruising altitude, the plane rolls to an extent that makes the flight unrealistic. In RL, the pilot (or the autopilot) compensates this unconfortable roll by trimming either the rudder or a more elaborate mix of rudder + ailerons so that the aircrafts keeps crabing towards its goal but without any unpleasant roll. It can easily been corrected by a constant use of the rudder whilst on AP, but this cannot be maintained for a long time. I then think that it would be a good idea to fit most aircrafts (and the tbm in particular) with a rudder trimming option. This could work by double tapping the rudder slider, move it to the position required to balance the roll, then release it. It would then stay as set automatically, and could be released by a second double tapping.
Of course, this is more important in small aircraft, where roll on cruise is more noticable than on big airliners, but I think it would make all aircrafts more realistic. I also noticed that removing unnecessary roll by adjusting the rudder seems to save a lot of throttle, hence fuel when flying with strong cruise altitude crosswind.
Let me know what you think!
Best flights to all


Agreed lol I hate this especially in landings it would be highly useful with strong winds


Thanks, but for approach and landing, manual rudder is safer!
My feature concerns cruise altitude where winds don’t change for long periods of time.


I know it’s safer but who says it’s real life XD.


Not me, true!


When I fly in RL, I don’t have the aileron trim and rudder trim, just pitch like in the sim.


Normally small GA planes like that won’t land in crosswinds of that speed.


I wrote at cruising altitude…


Thanks. The tbm has, like most recent aircrafts. Maybe smaller Ga don’t. Happy for you if you fly for real!


@Tep_NEMO I apologize, I missed that small detail. 😛


Yeah this came to mind while flying the TBM the last few days on the east coast of the US. The aircraft dips a wing into the wind while trying to keep its lateral path and it just looks really bad. Would be great to be able to trim it out


That may be true, but the tbm does have aileron trim.


Well, I’m not a TBM Pilot, LOL.


I really like your idea! Many times when I fly the TBM 930 it will tilt at 30 degrees while flying at cruise levels. It does seem very awkward.


But you fly! May I ask what aircraft you have flown? Simple curiosity of the average sofa pilot I am…


Thanks a lot! I knew I could not have been the only one to notice this.
Today I had some light roll again at FL 280 with 48kt crosswind. I noticed that by gently trimming the rudder towards the upwind side to make plane horizontal, throttle went down by 2%, GS went up by 1kt despite a more pronounced crabbing and fuel rate went down by about 2%.
So besides the realism and comfort, there is a real use for long haul flyers.
I will test this on an A320 this week-end with very strong crosswind to see if similar fuel saving happens. If this is confirmed, it might attract votes from the heavy side of our community!
Thanks again!


No worries :)


I fly small aircraft as a student, aircraft consisting of a 1941 Taylorcraft BC-12D, A Schweitzer SGS 2-33A (Glider), sometimes a RV-4, sometimes a Grumman Tiger, and hopefully this season I will solo and go onto a Beautifuly restored single seat wonder of an aircraft Schweitzer SGS 1-26E (glider).

pictured is a photo my instructor took while I was flying in the mountain wave.


Wow! I had to google those planes TBH, but they are really nice. Congratulation!


Love this idea, made me think… what if it behaved like the throttle, drag it and it would stay where you left it. Could double tap it to return to neutral? Has my vote either way!