Roll Spoilers

We definitely need roll spoilers in IF.

What is it?

A video about spoilers.

Why do we need these?

I think we need these because it’ll add one of the last touches of realism to the aircraft behavior in IF, and it is good-looking!

  • Great idea! Definitely needed!
  • Nah, why spend energy…?
  • I don’t see sense.

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This is a very old thread, but a more detailed one, so take some info from there, but anyways I decided to make this one.

Thanks for reading!

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Could some official answer and maybe say if it will be added?

While the old thread is quite old, it still has 9 votes and continues to have support even though the last post was in January. I don’t believe this thread will stay, but let’s see what mods think. The other one is also quite more detailed.


That’s why I linked it, but look at this

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I’d love this for airliners.

Also, if you look at the C208 and turn left or right, it has roll spoilers too.


I didn’t see that!

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Topic was last active 11 hours ago. Might be 3 years old, but what matters is the date of last activity. Not the creation date. Continue discussion in topic linked below: