Roll Spoilers

I’m watching a trip report video and still thinking about this missing in the Sim, how sad…

this feature must be ALWAYS working even if the spoilers aren’t armed

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BUMP! I wanna see this soon

whats the difference between roll spoilers and flight spoilers?

They are the same control surfaces. Roll spoilers only activate when the ailerons roll, for example left, to increase the amount of drag on that side. Flight spoilers are manually controlled and create a lot of drag on both sides, helping to slow the plane down.

oh okay, but then it’d be hard to make roll spoilers bcs it would have to have control for both wings, right?

forgot to mention that. they only extend on one side (the side you’re turning to). It would probably be easy to implement, considering we already have them on a few aircraft already

They usually look like this in flight

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Just bumping this one.
It’d make the wing views even nicer!


Bumping this post!

Bumping this one ! It would help us turn that heavy A380 when we get it :-)


I need this NOW!

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This was just shown on the A380 trailer, is it coming to every aircraft?


I hope so. Been waiting for them for years



Once we get roll spoilers, hopefully we can get different configurations of in-flight spoilers rather than just “Spoilers flight”


Hoping this is for every aircraft!!!

No, this will be only on the A380 for now


I hope this will be implement in future aircraft rework like the 737max and A320neo. I hope IF sets the A380 the standard for the newer aircraft in the making.


Bumping this, really hope they slowly add it to every aircraft (or at least every aircraft with live cockpit).

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