Role play + A330 MRTT

I’m sure many of if not all of you have or do role play in infinite flight whether it be recreating an Airshow you saw on infinite flight, escorting aircraft or just plain old emergency simulation. Most of you user of infinite flight probably would like to have these roleplay options implemented into the sim to allow us an escape from generic route flying and airline flights. I think having an option bit kind of in the menu (like the missions tab) where you can start a server and title it with the type of roleplay you are doing so people can join and see what roleplay or flight or whatever you are doing in infinite flight would benefit a lot of people because they will be allowed to fly at however they want which prevents them from getting reported or receiving violations from just trying to have fun.

This brings me to my next point. I’ve noticed a lot more people are starting to use military aircraft in the game. Kc10, Hercules, jets even in some cases the old c17. With a growing military interest in infinite flight I do think adding more special liveries to aircraft would really help and please the community as they could do more diverse military role plays if you know what I mean. A aircraft to start with is the A330. Most people know that the A33MRTT (Multi Role Tanker Transport) is widely used in many militaries across the globe like the RAF, RAAF, Saudi airforce, NATO and so on. I think adding these different liveries + the extra radars and things to the body of the Aircraft would be a good start because it is a widely used aircraft and because it’s been reworked, it would be a great quality aircraft to fly. Just something to think about I guess and do leave your opinions



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Feature requests have already been created for the A330 MRTT and emergencies in the simulator, which is close to what you’ve described above. Feel free to cast votes for them below.

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