Rohan’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ GCLP

Welcome to @Rohan’s ATC Thread
Airport: GCLP
Active: no
Patterns: Yes
Frequencies: Ground / Air
For departing aircraft: Unless you are flying patterns, please file your flight plan before contacting ATC.
Only request takeoff if 1st in line and follow ATC instructions
Leave feedback on post after if you have time (4/5etc)

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I’m on my way!

Hey! Thanks for controlling, I need to get my green tag back. It was a solid effort but there was unfortunately a bunch of things wrong. 😕

  1. Your Taxi command was great! You did the closest and probably best runway for my aircraft!

  2. The line up and wait command was unnecessary, there was nobody within 50 miles of the airport except for me, you can just give me a cleared for takeoff on its own.

  3. You told me to enter right base, straight in, etc, this was unnecessary, when you clear me for takeoff and tell me to make right or left traffic, it is implied that I will enter the right base and fly around the pattern, you don’t need these commands.

  4. When you cleared me for the option I was on final, this is way late as you can clear me on the crosswind leg (the 90 degree turn immediately after takeoff). You also told me to make left traffic, I don’t understand why you would, you can keep me on one side of the pattern.

  5. The runway change I didn’t ask for and was inconvenient, the runway I was on (33) was the longest runway at the airport, it had just enough room for my 737-700, you also told me to enter right downwind which is a whole turn across the pattern! You can just tell me to enter the right downwind even if I’m already on that keg of the pattern.

  6. When I said I was going to do a full stop landing you first said roger this is all that you need to say! If you want to tell the pilot that you are more aware you can tell them that they are cleared to land but only 1 please.

  7. I did not receive a exit command which is required when I do a full stop landing, the best time to give the command is when on the radar screen my name and callsign turns white, this means I am on the ground, wait a little longer to about 70-75 knots, that is the best time to give a exit command.

  8. You have to give me a frequency change, you can’t just tell me I am on a active airport the exit command will tell me to change frequency’s whenever you send it like said above. ^

Unfortunately you have a lot to work on but I am confident you can do this! Take a look at the links below for some advice, also I noticed you changed your title to KLAX for a little bit, please choose airports with 2 parallel runways like GCLP or KPSP, don’t do very big airports so we can focus on your commands.

I understand, 1, thank you for the compliment and for your advice. 2, I use the line up and wait command so that the pilot patiently lines up with the rwy hdg, and for everything else I was trying to give personalized orders now that I have time to myself because I’ve been practicing at busier airports such as KLAX EGGL etc (rarely patterns) but I understand and appreciate all of the criticism and I’ll definitely slow down and work on the quality of orders. Thanks!

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