Rogue pilots and ATC

Hi all,

So during today’s flight when I was taking off there is this “guy” (I will not point out usernames) which first directed me to a closed runway after I requested taxi to an active runway, fair enough I followed and once I was at the runway he directed me back to the runway I requested to go to first! After I took off asked for a request to depart to the north, he did not reply and soon when I was out of the airspace tuned out he then spammed me more than 50 times telling me to go back onto his frequency!

May I ask that whoever you are and whoever who do these things please stop! Makes the player really annoyed!

On which server did this happened?

I’m guessing ts1

Nothing can be done about the training server. All you can do is try to work your way to expert where you will get professional ATC service and most importantly order.

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On the training server, if an ATC controller tells you to do something to that you know isn’t right, just ignore them.

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whats a closed runway? i.e. how would you know the runway was closed? I thought the red numbering didn’t mean this.

There is not such thing as a closed runway. Red runways are automated advice on which have the best conditions. Which runway is actually used is at the controllers discretion.

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i thought so, thanks.

Hi All,

When it happened, it was on Training Server

If it was on the training server, there’s nothing you can do about it. Best solution is to fly exclusively on expert, or if you can’t, do your best to get there.

This is similar to something I run into on TS1, but from the other side.

I’ll be controlling and and runway colors will swtich, so suddenly pilots think they have to go where it’s green. This is NOT the case and really screws with my organization. Not to mention it’s annoying and childish. Follow the controllers.

That’s horrible advice. When you fly into a controlled airport on the training server please follow instructions, as they are learning just as pilots are learning. A pilot’s knowledge level is usually the same if not worse as the controller so for them to make a judgement like that and ignore is ridiculous. Just fly on Casual if you do not want to interact with controllers in training, or follow instructions.



These things really get to me because I am trying to get better at controlling. Pilots who think they know better consistently ruin solid work that I (and others) put it.

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