Roger or Radar contact

What is the difference between “roger” and “radar contact”?

  1. Roger means “wilco” means “10-4” means “understood”

  2. Radar contact means he has you on his radar as the phrase “radar contact” suggests.

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so does it matter which one you use?

Rare you talking about ATC?

yes, I am talking about when you first contact the freq

@Tanner_Palk1. MaxSez; Google is your friend Tanner; Just a simple search term: “What does Radar Contact mean”…

Extract:“b. The term used to inform the controller that the aircraft is identified and approval is granted for the aircraft to enter the receiving controllers airspace. (See ICAO term RADAR CONTACT.) … An expression used by ATC to inform the pilot of an aircraft when radar identification is established.” Wiki/Google

Finally: Study Helps a lot, there’s more to it than just pushing iron try this:

The Aviators Bible; “The Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge” (FAA-H-8083-3B) Free in PDF Form from


Yes it matters which one you use.

Plane takes off, and contacts departure departure then acknowledges with Radar contact as this is the first contact the plane has had with a radar facility. Let’s say the plane then requests an ILS approach to the same airport. After some vectoring by departure he is then handed off to approach. Where he again checks in. This time Approach says Roger as an acknowledgment he is there, since Radar contact has already been made, and a flight tag created.


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