Rocky Mountain Flying Photos

Today I did a group flight from KDFW to KDEN on the training server. The flight took 1 hour and 29 minutes.

Takeoff out of DFW runway 31L

Climb to FL350

Flying over the Texas Panhandle with Amarillo way in the distance

Approaching the rockies

Descending into KDEN with pikes peak in the background

On left downwind for runway 34L

Getting Established onthe ILS for runway 34L

A very buttery landing (my smoothest ever! It would make @Butter_Boi

At the gate with a Air New Zealand 77W in the background

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it was a very smooth flight with a bit of turbulence. This was part of a group flight 24SEP20 / 2230Z - Rocky Mountain Flying @ KDFW to KDEN [COMPLETED]


Cool pictures!

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Haha, I am! Great landing from what I see!

And nice photos as well, gotta love the Rockies!


Very good pictures

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