Rocky Mountain Arrivals @ KMSO

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I live in a fairly central area of western Montana, so I have easy access to several different major airports in the mountainous part of the state including KBTM, KHLN, KBZN, and KMSO. Unfortunately, due to school and COVID, I haven’t been able to get out to any of them this year as much as I would have liked. Last Thursday, however, I was able to spend about 2 hours at Missoula International Airport to watch a nice variety of commercial and private aircraft on short final. This was my first spotting trip to KMSO in about 2 years and my first time at a new location I found right below runway 12, the side of the runway that I was previously never able to get good shots from. Overall, I caught about 13 arrivals and 1 departure, taking multiple photos on each. Here are some of my best, enjoy!

American Eagle E175 from KDFW:

Wheels Up King Air 350i from KRIW:

Delta Connection CRJ-900 from KMSP:

Embraer Phenom 300:

Delta E175 from KSLC:
(Taken with my phone instead of my camera, quality isn’t as good)

US Forest Service DH-6 300:
(Used for training smoke jumpers at the local base)

Alaska E175 from KSAN:

Cessna 172 (patterns):

Neptune Aviation BAe-146:
(From the local aerial firefighting company, taken a different day from the other end of the airport)

Allegiant A320 from KIWA:

Thanks for viewing everyone! Let me know which is your favorite! Make sure to check me out on IG for more:


I need to say it…
I need to say it…


Trying my best with the camera that I have. Sorry if I disappointed you🙂


Sharknado444 🦈🌪

The irony hahaha

Great photos!

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@CaptainNoGear your chance

Nice shots, thanks for sharing. The one of the CRJ 900 is my favourite. And I didn’t even know firefighting 146s were a thing, so I learned something new today👍


Thanks! Yeah, Neptune in Missoula is one of the largest operators of them, they have 10. I think there is only 1 other company that uses them for firefighting, so they’re pretty iconic.

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Amazing pictures! It looks great in Montana! Only 33 more days until I’m back there!


This is your sign to fly to KMSO in infinite flight, you won’t regret it. I live here and I don’t know how I got so lucky as to live in such a beautiful place


Lovely shots PlaneCrazy, great job! I’m waiting for more!

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Thank you! Hoping to do a trip over to BZN sometime this summer. It will be the busiest it’s ever been!



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