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Dubai airport, ATIS information, Wind 100 at 14, Visibility 6, Temperature 31, Dew Point 20, QNH 1002. Landing Runways 12L and 12R, Departing Runways 12L and 12R.

I’m just going to say this. When a runway heading is RED, you DON’T land on the RED runway heading! I hate when y’all do this.


I was VT VAR, below are the points which O have noticed

  1. Thr was nonneed of extend downwind for me as rhe other aircraft was landing at other runway

  2. Rest Clearance was good ahrs nothing to worry about.

  3. Runway chamge with pattern entry and clearance with trafic instructions was good as well .

You are almost thr, hope to see you in IFATC soon.



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Due to the two runways being so close, I wanted to make sure that there was enough space between the aircraft landing runway 12R and you landing runway 12L. That’s the only reason I extended your downwind.

Thank you.

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Dubai airport, ATIS information, Wind 330 at 03, Visibility 20, Temperature 28, Dew Point 23, QNH 1007. Landing Runways 30L and 30R, Departing Runways 30L and 30R.

Coming in now!

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Feedback from N17EE

Only issue was that I wasn’t given an pattern entry , you did good on the sequence , but the pattern entry was missing . You can actually just do it in one command.

" N17EE , enter right downwind Runway 30R , number 3 traffic to follow is on right downwind".

Runway change was handled perfectly.

Thanks have an good rest of your day !

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Oh okay, I didn’t know that.

Thank you! Have a good rest of you day too!

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uh, I might have lost connection, or both of you did.

Feedback N420AB:

  • Wrong sequences (even on rwy change), remember that If there is someone else that I should follow, I must get a sequence, for more information about how to sequence, I’ll recommend to you the following forum:
  • I was on left base when I requested change to rwy 30R

  • Upwind conflict, with CC-NPR, follow this link for more information about how to handle with this conflict:
    Common Mistakes: How to Fix Them!

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Alright, I’ll read that and fix my mistakes.

Thank you for stop by. Have a nice day!

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Session ended.

Thank you everyone who came.

Feedback (CC-NPR):

I will include timestamps (Zulu) to make it easier for you to review the replay.

  • [22:57:47] - Transition altitude was a bit high:
    Since the airport has got an elevation of 62 ft., as a rule of thumb, you should add 2,500 ft. and round up to the nearest 500 altitude. In this case, the nearest 500 altitude is 3,000 ft. AAL.

  • [23:06:55] - Clearance before sequencing (Corrected)

  • [23:07:44] - No re-sequence for CC-NPR after N17EE changed to runway 30L:
    Remember that you must update an aircraft sequencing every time that the aircraft in front of him (in sequence for the same runway) changes. In this case, CC-NPR was no longer following N17EE, therefore a re-sequence should have been sent.

—App Crashed— Restarted at OMDB

  • [23:18:21] - Upwind Conflict for runway change:
    To solve that conflict, you should have sent CC-NPR (aircraft requesting change) an “Extend Upwind” instruction, so that he won’t interfiere with N420AB on the runway change turn. Once N420AB has turned towards crosswind, you should give a pattern entry with a sequence to follow the aircraft (N420AB). Note that the correct procedure is to send a pattern entry, not a “Turn Crosswind” as many people thinks.

— App Crashed (again) —

Solid Points:

- Pattern Entries
- Sequencing
- Clearances

It was a very good session with minor details to work on. Sorry about the constant app crashes.
Keep up the great work.

Let me know if you have any doubts, I’ll be happy to help.

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Thank you. I’ll work on my sequencing as it looks like I have a problem in this category. I didn’t know that I had to re-sequence when somebody does a runaway change.

So 3000?

Exactly. The objective of giving a sequence to an aircraft is that they are in charge of following the assigned aircraft. If that aircraft to follow changes (due to runway change, inbound, etc.), in order to avoid any confusions and to give a pattern order, a new sequence will be given.

Yes, sorry didn’t catch that part missing.

Best of luck on your IFATC practical, let me know if you have further concerns.

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Alright, sounds good.

Thank you very much.

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