"Rockwell B-1 Lancer"

image I don’t like the idea of the Concorde being the only supersonic jet coming to “IF”. After all “1” is the loneliest number you could ever have 😂, id like to see it have a little “competition” or friendly “rivalry” if you will. It’s cool and all that the Concorde is a supersonic passenger jet it’s just unfortunate that it’s hideous “in my opinion”. 👈😂 And if given the opportunity I know which one of these ladies I’d take for a spin on the dance floor 💃💃💃


I took this one a few years ago.


That’s sweet 👌, I love the B-1 it’s all about that sweeping wing ✈️. I took this pic of the Concorde a few minutes ago 😂😂😂


Sorry, but I think this isn’t needed!

Leave it, it’s a joke, have a sense of humour

Would be a great military plane to add

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One of my top 10 favourite aircraft. Indefinitely cool !

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Duplicate post . Please search before posting ,
Please give a credit to the picture you posted .


Oh I love that! If I had any remaining votes, I’d vote for it.

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There is 3 versions the B-1B and the B-1A only 2/3 of the B-1A were built and the B-1 which was originally designed in 1970 something and went Mach 3 , so which one are you requesting?

It’s very old though. We’ll have to see what the mod says.