Rockets have always played a large role in aviation history. We got from the Wright Brothers to landing on the moon in just 66 years! Being able to launch, and control different aspects of a rocket launch which would take you into space to allow for a satellite launch would be incredible! Imagine seeing this while cruising in your plane.


Rocket launches would only be able to happen from real world launch sites designed by the airport editing team. Rockets like the Soyuz which wouldn’t launch from an American launch site in real life wouldn’t be able to launch from an American site in game.

We could have a new sub group of the ATC called Mission Control. Mission Control is quite different from ATC but could be operated in a similar way as is currently in game. Just new commands, etc (like a count down). Mission control would be able to issue no fly zones during a rocket launc for the surrounding area, and ATC will divert traffic.

The person who is actually flying the rocket could be in charge of steering, and landing (if a SpaceX rocket were to be included). Deploying boosters, detaching stages, releasing satellites, etc would all be done by the “pilot” if you will and monitored by Misison Control.

There could be a large assortment of rockets, with their own unique characteristics and controls.

Rockets included could be:

Saturn V
Falcon 9
Falcon Heavy
Space Shuttle
Ariane 5&6
Soyuz rockets

If you safely and successfully make it 100 miles up, or into your correct orbit, you can release satellites.

This would require an extreme amount of work and research from the devs, and most of the stuff we would need we don’t even have in IF yet (3D buildings, smoke, etc). I mainly just want to plant the idea, and how awesome and amazing it would be to launch rockets, and to be Mission Control. To adds a whole new category of aviation into the simulator, and would add an entirely new and unique experience.



While it may suffice the simulator’s name…
No Thomas, just no.


ATC will have a hard time requesting a 360 for a rocket !


Why would ATC do that in the first place…


I totally support this!


Why not? Can’t just say no without saying why lol

Rockets are a good idea, but sort of redundant without outer space. I doubt that FDS will create outer space for a flight simulator which focus on aircraft that don’t go higher than 42 thousand feet.


I feel this should be it’s own game.

I don’t think FDS has orbital mechanics modeled just yet. I would hold off on that for now.

Although it would be somewhat pointless due to no outer space, the fun of going really high form large explosions is always neat, so why not?

That’s why they would have to make outer space…

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No wouldn’t like to see rockets I’m afraid…

This would just end up become a ‘real-world’ simulator. What do you want next, drivable cars?

In all seriousness, no.

wait wait wait wait

this is a flight sim

This is a flight sim…why would cars be added?

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Can imagine trollers crashing Saturn Vs into 747-8s

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I was **joking.**The point is, we can’t expect every single aspect of flight to be included. Remember, it’s a mobile simulator.

“STS ( Space Shuttle ), please divert to Edwards, Kennedy space center is busy firing a new Titan. Sorry if you dont make it.”
-“Houston, we have a problem.”


IF is a flight simulator, not a space simulatior. That’s what Kerbal is for.

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But Kerbal isn’t available for mobile devices.

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