Rock77's Personal Aviation History/Throwbacks

Hey everyone! Happy Friday.

I wanted to do a fun end-of-the-week post to share some personal aviation throwbacks of mine - I recently went through some of my old stuff and came across these items in folders and shelves in my closet (so I hope you’ll excuse the dust). And I’m sure we can all appreciate the Continental 787 haha. Either way, I hope you enjoy a quick trip down memory lane in aviation!

Fleet Pages

Hopefully there aren’t any flight attendants around - I may have been the guy who somewhat destroys the inflight magazine for those fleet pages. These are all authentic from flights I was on with the respective airlines

To begin with, American’s fleet from 2014. This was following the merger with US Airways, hence why the old US Airways fleet is seen at the bottom right. The new American livery is already incorporated however :)

First real throwback - I flew a lot on Continental before their merger with United. Here’s a Continental fleet in 2008 (note the 787 on order!) alongside a United 2012 fleet with the 747 still going strong! The United 787 is advertised here as well.

Speaking of that Continental 787… The livery combination that never flew - United Continental merged before 787s were delivered, so the aircraft always carried the post-merger livery. Of course, since they couldn’t see that in their future, Continental enjoyed marketing their planned new aircraft addition!

To finish the fleet pages, one from Singapore Airlines. No date on this one unfortunately, but notice the pre-A350 fleet. Solely long-haul aircraft given Singapore’s routes.

Toys and Memorabilia

Well I guess all of these items are memorabilia technically… Anyway, some old toys and aircraft, alongside newer additions

First off, more United items. The 747 amenity kit was to commemorate the retirement of the 747 from United’s fleet. It was a gift from one of my friends. The Daron model of a 777 was another gift (although from a different friend). Finally I recently bought the United 747 skin piece. With BA retiring their 747s, effectively signaling the demise of the passenger 747, I wanted to make sure I could commemorate such an iconic aircraft (more on that later).

Alright, who doesn’t like crash tenders? Although we all hope they’re not ever needed, these are some serious specialized fire vehicles. Here’s a Lego and Siku die-cast model sitting together. Coincidentally they almost appear on the same scale.

If anyone remembers Matchbox cars from when they were really young, I had my fair share. Nowhere near the detail of actual models, but I think my favorite part of these are the outdated liveries with the old American and Continental (and now more recently, Alaska) liveries still frozen in time from when these were sold.

And now add to that some military representation.

Die-Cast Models (Gemini400 and Gemini200)

And now two recent, brand-new additions. I decided that given British Airways’ early retirement of all 747s, I should look to get a model before they sold out. What better way to commemorate the livery-aircraft combination than pick up their retro livery schemes flown in the 747’s last few years of service with BA?

Here’s the Negus livery in 1:400 scale. I know GeminiJets gets a lot of flak for some reason, but I am both impressed and pleased with the model. The detail is fantastic and it looks great sitting on a desk shelf!

Much later than I anticipated but the 747 Gemini200 was unboxed yesterday and looking great! Landor livery looks fantastic on the 744.

That about wraps it up! Funny how much you can pick up over the years. However, while I cleaned up and gave away/threw away a lot of things, these aviation pieces aren’t going anywhere!

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Omgg the toy airplanes bring back so many memories. I had like five major airports set up throughout my house. And I would “fly” the airplanes from one airport to another 🤣


Haha exactly - the days before models and good details became important!

I dont have anything but I have like memories, like last year in july I flew a A340-600 For Lufthansa to Munich, and on the return 2 months later I flew a Austian 767 so 2 planes that are living there last days.

if your wondering I flew a A340 from JFK to Munich, then a A320 to Kyiv were my AMAZING uncle picked me up and we drove home for 6 hours, and on the return I flew a Austrian A320 I think and then I had a 20 hour layover which I LOVED, then I went to the gate and boarded, On the way I saw a Iranian A310 was landing for I rushed back and spotted, Thankfully the boarding didnt begin so I was clear. So yeah idk I kinda ranted

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That continental fleet page just brought back so many memories from when I was younger. These are really neat.


Those are some nice models! 😍

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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them!

I have so many memories of playing with Matchbox and Daron toy planes, and I still pull them out from time to time. 😂

I may not have experience flying in the era your throwbacks are from, but they’re amazing nonetheless! Great topic here, I love all the classic fleet pages and all the toys.

I just noticed that the AA MD-80 is in the new livery even though it never wore that livery. 😂


Absolutely effing awesome dude!!! I remember (and miss) Continental. The last time I flew them was on a Boeing 737-500 from Milwaukee to San Francisco.

And the last time I flew Americans Chrome livery was about 4 years ago from Chicago O’Hare to San Francisco.


Glad you enjoyed! @Butter_Boi and @ClassicAirlinerLover Definitely fun to go back and see some old favorites and memories!!


Finally added the Gemini200 addition!

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