Hello everyone! I have started an ATC tracking thread to help improve my ATC skills and become an IFATC!

Status: OPEN @KBOI

Feedback is appreciated :) .


I’m stopping by!!!


How long will you stay open? I can probably head down in 15min or so.


Maybe 30 mins hopefully.


Can’t head over this time but I’ll be sure to watch this thread so I can help you out when available! Hope I see you on the other side at IFATC one day!


I’ll be doing some low approaches, stop and goes, and touch and goes. just a heads up


Heading down now!


Now closed at KBOI. Please give feedback if you came so that I can improve on my mistakes!

Hello, I was N458WU!

  • Good transition
  • When I notified you that I’ll be landing, full stop, you said “You were already cleared to land”. When pilots issue “XXXX is on final, full stop”, they are just notifying the ATC that they’ll be exiting the runway when they land, and won’t do a touch and go. The “You were already cleared to land” isn’t necessary

Good luck becoming IFATC!


Thank you so much @Bryan4558 for correcting my mistake! Next time, I will keep that in mind!


I am aware that I did the same error with you, @VulicityHD . Also, if you are dropping feedback, I will respond tomorrow because I have to leave now. If not, then that is fine with me!

Hey there and thanks for controlling today! I was N231ZB and here are some things I noticed during your session:

  • Good job on first clearance. Perfect timing as well. (2:36)

  • Great job on runway change and also good job on clearing and giving “make left traffic” always do this during runway changes. (2:40)

  • When you said you were closing in 5 min, I decided to full stop. When I said “N231ZB on final, runway 28L”, you should’ve replied with “roger” instead of “already cleared to land” I was letting you know I was doing a full stop so you knew I wasn’t remaining in the pattern anymore. Harmless mistake, but they will look for this in the IFATC exam so be careful.

Overall you did absolutely amazing and would love to see you control 4-5 aircraft. I know you could do it. I am gonna provide you with some videos and links to look over just because it’s better to practice as much as you can. These are what I watched and studied everyday to get in IFATC. You will not regret it.

Good job today and next time you’re open, feel free to tag me and I’ll stop by if I’m available! Hope to see you in IFATC

-IFATC VulicityHD


Thank you so much, @VulicityHD ! Yes, I am now aware of the mistake. I will also view the resources which you linked me :) !

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Hello all! I am open at KBOI!

@VulicityHD @Bryan4558 @IanD

I’ll be there in a couple!

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Sorry for the delay, I’m coming now!

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I’ll stop by in a sec

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Hold on, forgot to set weights, oops!

Thanks for the controlling! I got a bit of feedback for you.

-Why did you give me a “maintain slowest practical speed” command? The aircraft in front of me just crossed the threshold while I was still a few NM out, and I was going quite fast, but unless separation is affected speed commands should not be used.

-Why did you clear me to land? I was still in the pattern.

-I reported final runway 28L, touch and go, afterward, to let you know I was still in the pattern so you could reclear me for the option, and you responded with “already clear to land.” Must have been a misunderstanding, but I hope this could help you out in the future!

Overall you have some work but with some good practice, joining IFATC can be in your near future! Good luck! :)

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Good work! Here’s some notes:

  • On the ground, I requested taxi and I got a pushback clearance to a runway completely out of the way. Make sure you fully read messages before responding.

  • When I was sequenced behind BOEING, it was stated that he was on final when he really was on left base. Make sure you get those pattern terms correct on the test.

  • Would’ve loved to see an extend downwind, I’ll call your base on my last leg. There could have been some separation issues.

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