Robots instead of Staff in Checkin

Airlines Replace Checkin Staff With Robots - Luxury Travel Diary


I dont trust robots because its always a glitch in the system.


I’ve even seen these robots taking over the supermarket cashier, don’t like the idea.

Robots are taking over the world slowly


But they definitely won’t take over the cockpits


And Airbus definitely won’t be stealing jobs from aviation with their concept.


I can see using a robot if you need the position covered, say if someone calls in sick. To take away a paying job from a qualified individual to provide for theirs and their dependents lives? That’s just not right to me. Automation needs to take a backseat anymore these days.

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Bet their not waterproof 😏


Air New Zealand have no check in staff In Auckland they have then screens that you check in with and only need staff if you need help they have done this for years now and now auckland has screens for immagration instead of talking with person you can put your passport in screen it’s cool.

Woolies and Coles self serve prime examples

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In the near future no but in far future maybe


Automation and machines is the only reason we are not living in dark ages they are what allow the world we live in to be possible these new machines will advance humanity and will be able to do jobs better then humans and in the long term humans may have no jobs and everything may be automated.

An analogy of this is the horse they were needed for society a long time ago and very important until there job as transport went and now they do nothing but sit around and race and are not needed for society.

And that new shopping centre mall assistant robot thing that you can talk to.

And this is productive to society in which way exactly? Your point equates to humans will be necessary only as dog food like the horse. Your point misses a massive variable that humans need to earn an income of currency through work. Tools and technology brought us out of the dark ages, none of them replaced the human in the work force. You say that in the long term humans will have no jobs. No jobs equals no income. Try to survive on that and we’ll see where your humanity advances.

In the U.K. We can do it ourselves no robots


Money is resources humans need to work to produce resources in today’s world. What I’m saying if automation can do those jobs to produce resources the humans produce now humans would not need to work. This definitely won’t happen in next 40 years but any time after that I see it being a possibility.

Money is currency used to buy resources, this is the backbone of our economies. [quote=“Matthew_Harrison, post:16, topic:92505”]
if automation can do those jobs to produce resources the humans produce now humans would not need to work

Without humans earning currency you have a deflation of worldwide economies, which could very well send mankind back into the dark ages you spoke of previously. [quote=“Matthew_Harrison, post:16, topic:92505”]
This definitely won’t happen in next 40 years

For the good of all mankind this should be avoided.

Automation has it’s purpose for redundant tasks and hazardous work environments. Automation is very useful in commercial aviation, however it also is responsible for several major and minor incidents of loss of life and property. Your points on automation have good intentions, but the perspective is far too short sighted.

Am I missing something? Just because you put an IPAD on something with a face doesn’t make it a robot. Even if the arms move and wave at me. Airlines have had check-in kiosks for years and have helped to cut down the lines, especially for people without luggage. Even checking in on your phone.

Now if they put one of these at the jet bridge and trusted people that way we would have a different story…

I agree but in my opinion a fully automated society will probably happen one day but what I’m worried about is the transition from today’s world to full automated as many people with low skill jobs will lose there jobs first so I think education is key so people have high skill jobs as it will take longer for automation to replace those jobs.

They are very helpful. But I think people are talking about physical interactive robots here.