Robots in unloaded airports

Good day to all! I would like to suggest thinking about such a thing as creating robot planes that would take up space in free airports. After all, you must agree, being alone in a huge airport is not too interesting, especially considering that you have multiplayer. As far as I noticed, when buying the PRO version, our routes very often come down to a place where a lot of people are a problem. The solution to this problem may be the very robots that can “fill the space” at airports. It will be beautiful not only at the airport itself, but also during landing and takeoff. Also, it will be very realistic if the livery of these robots will coincide with their airport, let’s say AEROFLOT has a home airport - UUEE. If my idea goes far, then it has a great future, because then we could try to train robots to move around the airport, visualize takeoffs and landings, but for all this we need a dispatcher to control us in order to avoid a collision with a robot, that is, we also need a robot dispatcher. My idea can be developed far. It is clear that this work is very difficult, but I think it is feasible.( the parent of Real Flight Simulator, namely Airline Commander, had such robots, and they looked very good.) Please support my idea, I think it will make Infinite Flight even better. Thanks!


Hey there, this feature was previously made in 2019. Feel free to check this thread out.

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Maybe I should also transfer it to the Features folder?

All requests should be posted there. But since there’s one there already about the thing you’re asking for, this topic will be closed :)