Robot Co Pilot

Before anybody says “this is already a feature request and moderators should close this topic down right away” please read the thread first :) (Btw I did not mean to say it in a rude way, if it came across that way, my bad, I am sorry)

I just had this idea come across my mind and I feel like it is an amazing idea and should be implemented in Infinite Flight and I am talking about robot co-pilots.

When I say “robot co-pilots” I don’t mean an actual robot in the first officer’s seat right next to you.
I mean an invisible (or visible depending on what aircraft your flying) co-pilot which can make your flights a lot easier. :D

There will also be an option if you want to disable your co-pilot, so don’t worry :)*

So what will this "co-pilot" do?

This co-pilot will be able to do a lot of things such as…

  • Will put gears up automatically.
  • Set flaps when you want to according to the aircraft’s weight.
  • Will be able to turn on spoilers at the time it should be on.
  • Can turn on the appropriate lights at the appropriate time.
    and will also be able to deploy reverse thrusters at a certain level depending on how long the landing runway is.

I know this is a tough thing to make for the developers but this can also be a good addition for beginners who want to learn the game, this co-pilot will be able to help them if they forgot something for example maybe they forgot to put up their gear and when they notice their co-pilot putting up the gear they will remind themselves that this is what I need to focus on and stuff like that.

Thanks for reading my topic.
Safe flying.

I’m not going to lie, this feels like it takes everything out of playing Infinite Flight. If you’re going to have some robot do everything then you’re not doing anything, and there’s no point in playing.


Since not all the switches and everything in the overhead panel works, why not do it all yourself? It takes all the fun out.


You can turn it off if you want, this feature is targeted towards new players who wan’t to learn how to play Infinite Flight.

But you can turn it off if you would like.

This may just be me, but I feel like you won’t learn as fast if you have a robot to do half the things for you.

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I guess. :/
@Altaria55 and @anon79257371

I’d say the best way to learn something is by doing it instead of having someone else do it. Even though you could still turn it off it, as said before, would take all of the fun of flying out.


It kind of reminds me of the Co-Pilot feature on the Aerosoft A320 series for FSX and P3D. The main purpose of it was to do all the complicated panel stuff and checklist but with the lack of complexity in infinite flight, it just seems kind of pointless. Maybe I would wait till we have cold and dark aircraft.


But what about times where you forgot something crucial to your flight, it may not be fun but it can be helpful for people who forget stuff occasionaly.

C h e c k l i s t s


Either that or checklists.

If it’s crucial for your flight, you shouldn’t be forgetting it :)


You shouldn’t but some people do forget sometimes :) its human after all.

Maybe as a in-game tutorial that people who just downloaded the app could use. I wouldn’t support it as legit feature.

If you have a co pilot,he will do almost all things,then what’s are you going to do during the flight?

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Just saying, IF-Assistant already has voice commands, so as an example, if you say “Gear Up” , the gear will go up. If you really want this feature, you can use IFA! Also, I get that you are also talking about reverses etc, but I think they are the things that what makes IF fun, otherwise we wouldn’t do anything or even learn.

You can also vote for your own request.


What we can have is like two IF users in one cockpit. Like a shared cockpit.

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The best way to learn is to do it yourself. You won’t learn from a robot doing it for you. Also, how ever intelligent artificial intelligence is, it isn’t quite as intelligent as many people think.

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Or we can have a human one that makes it more fun