Robinson R66

Hey guys. I want to give Infinite Flight developers an idea not only to fly fixed-wing aircraft, but also rotary-wing aircraft in the case of helicopters. I am creating the topic of Robinson R66 being he Robinson Family of various models, such as: R22, R44 and among others. I count on everyone’s help for new and different types of aircraft to be added to Infinit Flight. Thank you.

Hey! Great to see you back!

Nice feature request! IF needs helicopters.

Remember to vote for your own feature request! :D


Hello. I’m glad you liked the idea. Well, I can’t vote for my topic, because the votes have already been used in liveris. But thanks for the tip. If you can share the topic and vote too, thank you.

Hi there. The rule stands that you must vote for your own feature request which unfortunately means your going to have to drop a vote from something that you’ve voted for to clear up one for this topic. 🙂

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OK. I didn’t know you have to do this. thank you.

ready. I withdrew another topic. voted for this one.

It’s not a rule but more like a recommendation. Let’s take myself as an example. I’ve written so many requests during my long time here on IFC that it’s simply not possible to vote for everything anymore. I also changed my mind on a few things I once suggested.

Here’s a comment from @DeerCrusher about it:

But please correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not always right as well 😊

Back on track, I like this request. I’d love to see a helicopter in Infinite Flight at some point. I’d go for the R22 though. But a chopper would be amazing.


oh now I get it. I already voted, now no problem. Thanks for the tips guys.

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I dont think helicopters are a good idea for if. Thay will be hard to control. What about auto pilot and flight plans. Approach controllers will find it hard infact all controllers will find it hard. And how do you land a helicopter on a runway. You need a pad. It’s just my opinion that IF would not benefit from a helicopter. Not saying it’s a bad feature thow.

BTW it’s good your back on IF

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I think it can have the same controls that the planes have and also the autopilot. and in the manual you will only accelerate and tilt the phone to busy. and to get down, touching the ground just slows down the rotation. I think it can be adapted. I would like the developers to talk about this and what they think of the idea. thanks for your feedback, everyone is welcome.😀

It might take the IF staff some convincing but it might work
I just worry that in EGLL on the casual service its mental. I think choppers will add to the mental.

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it is true. it will depend on them now.

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My IFR rated Bell 212 has an auto pilot. A helicopter by law is required have them.
Controllers won’t, believe it or not… I use the exact same commands and a few different ones thema fixed wing airplane. Here’s an example

“Helicopter 212 Bravo Victor clear for take off”
“Helicopter 212 Bravo victor reduce Speed”
“Helicopter 212 Bravo victor taxi to runway 34 hold short of runway 34”
“Helicopter 212 Bravo victor clear to land runway 34”

We have some special ones
“Helicopter 212 Bravo Victor clear to land at coast guard ramp, landing will be at your own risk”

A pad - you don’t need one I typically don’t land on pads. Now platforms like on oil rigs, top of buildings ect sure.


inb4 A380 cleared to land on taxiway…

This will likely not happen in the coming few years.
I don’t think the game is prepared at all for helicopters.
There are much better things to do which improve IF rather than making helicopters working.

although would be nice to see helicopters some day!

since they won’t add helicopters, I won’t take the topic forward