Robert’s IFATC Training [Closed For Good]

Hey folks, so last time about a month ago I was practicing for IFATC and didn’t pass due to some minor errors but I was give a second chance to fix that and I’ve been practicing off forum but decided to come back to the forums in hopes for more traffic and maybe some IFATC or IFC Moderators to head out since they’ve been through a lot of ATC.
Anyone is welcome! Constructive feedback after every visit is appreciated.

Open At:

Length Of Open:

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*I am now open for one hour at LEZG! Please feel free to drop by and offer feedback. I’ll be accepting pretty much anything haha.

ATIS Remarks: LEZG 052000Z 34009KT 9999 FEW050 BKN085 19/12 Q1017

Stopping by. Did the recruiter happen to mention what your weak area was?

I will stop by when you are controlling next. :) I may pull a few tricks here and there, never know though :)

I absolutely apologize everyone. It turns out I have to wait till I get back to Grade 2.

I am Grade 1 after getting 6 Inflight speeding violations in the Dash 8 yesterday night. I didn’t properly understand the dash and I was outside the cockpit for maybe 10 minutes watching the views Nd never got the overspeeding warning audio or words at the top of my screen. It wasn’t until I happened to go into cockpit view that I heard the overspeed alarm. and didn’t realize I was overspeeding until I went into the cockpit and heard the alarm.
Turns out I can’t even control until I’m Grade 2.

I’ll reopen at the same airport tonight.

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I have the direct message from Tyler. It wasn’t a recruiter it was a full in IFATC practical test. Here’s the feedback I got on why I didn’t pass.

Minor issues but it got pretty muddy:

On two occasions aircraft were told to extend downwind when they were already base and almost turning final. Once they’re at that point simply send them around, as turning back to the downwind is going to create further conflict
When I went around I was told to make left traffic for 04R. As I’m almost to the downwind you told me to enter right downwind for 04R, requiring me to cut across the airport with a transitioning aircraft directly behind.

Again, minor stuff but it just needs to be brushed up a little

I will be opening up tonight or the moment my violations go away enough or get back to Grade 2. Sorry for the inconvenience folks.


ATIS Information: LEZG 060230Z 27010KT 9999 FEW040 14/10 Q1018

ATIS Remarks: Runway 30L for Departures and Pattern Work , Runway 30R for Arrivals and Occasional Pattern Work.

Please provide constructive feedback after attending :) I’m hoping to get back in IFATC and all the feedback I can get I do appreciate.

I hope you don’t mind but I’ve fixed up your title.
Just change it to “Open @airport” or “Closed” so people know when you are open or closed
Thanks, Josh ;)

Thanks Josh no worries

Due to lack of interest tonight I’ll be closing up shop soon! Thanks to @Cessna_Driver for being the sole pilot in 46 minutes ;)
If no one is interested, I’ll close in 10 minutes.

I have now closed! Hope to see more interest next time :)

I am open for 30-45 Minutes at Centennial Airport in Colorado. feel free to drop by and give me some feedback :)

Open Runways: Runway 35R is for departures and pattern work and Runway 35L is for Pattern work and arrivals.

ATIS Information: Everything excepted

I’ll see you there, Displayname BGM-CEO

Thank you a lot :) the traffic means a lot!

You handled that well when I made right traffic instead of left

Thank you good sir! Glad you came out

I’m now closed and my practical is on Wednesday or Thursday! Thanks to everyone who made it and were awesome!


Spirit Airlines Gets WiFi

Spirit Airlines Gets WiFi?

Feel free to hop on down to FortLauderdale in celebration alongside Spirit Airlines who announced they will be adding WiFi to their flights. Enjoy Pattern work or arrive and depart in a spirit livery. FortLauderdale is a big focus City for NKS With good parallel runways so I figured it would co hand in hand with my ATC practice.

ATIS INFORMATION ALPHA: KFLL 121553Z 08009KT SCT030 BKN110 OVC200 26/19 A3012 RMK AO2 SLP197 TO2610194

ATIS Remarks: Pattern work accepted, Please File FlightPlan Before Taxi (even if you’re just doing Pattern work so I know you’re doing Pattern work), Please respect other aircraft by giving way and keeping safe distance from aircraft around you.

Active Runways: Runway 10L and Runway 10R will be used for departure, arrivals, and Pattern work

I am now closed! Thanks to all who came :)

Well ladies and gents it’s time for me to wrap up this thread. I just passed my practical and I’m now a certified IFATC controller! Thanks to @JoshFly8 for working diligently with me!

This thread is now closed, good day!