Robert’s ATC Thread I Closed @ N/A

I thought I’d use this place to share where I’m open. I am trying to take my practical restest later on ad I need some valuable feedback.

Open At: none


I recommend KAUS it has two runways it’s really good for people remaining in the pattern

i would maybe open at KLGA or KMCO Leaning more toward the KLGA side not as much traffic as KJFK but still gets some traffic

I’d def fly to LGA more if it had ATC. I watch the traffic come in and out all day and always want to fly from there.

I think LGA would be nice but it has an intersecting runway which can be tricky to use.

KAUST or KPUB might work. Thoughts?

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LGA has the mountain out by 22 so I would suggest against that.

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That’s another reason. I’ve had experience with LGA and it usually didn’t go well lol.

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I am officially open on TS1 at Austin International in Texas for 30 minutes just as a brief practice before bed. Below are the following notams. Please stop by and do some pattern oral or just a normal departure or even a standard arrival. Everything helps.


Remarks: No intersection departures. FLP would help so I know if you’re remaining in the pattern or leaving my airspace.

Any help is appreciated :) and feedback + criticism is always useful.

I’ll be there in a minute

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I do appreciate your efforts! Thank you sir

Nice DHL 208 ya have there. Didn’t even know DHL used the 208. I learned something even by simply controlling.

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I’ve been working on smoother landings in the 208

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No better time then in a practice ATC session where if I mess up you know exactly who to yell at ;)

Haha so far so good and I think I just murdered everyone on that landing

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All 3 people flying with you? Dang dude. How many souls onboard? lol

@Balloonchaser thinks for stopping by to test the wind quality at Austin ;)


I’m a going to butter the bread on this next one

You’ve been my only entertainment tonight. Make me drop my cup of coffee ;)

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Ok forget that one ill try again

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I got the bump on screenshot lol. Nice try tho

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Well it was better but not on the centerline and also after the initial touchdown… was jank

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Haha no worries mate. I don’t judge.