Robert_Mustillo's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hey everyone!

I plan on applying to IFATC when the applications open up again and I’m looking to get in some practice now. Leave comments below so I can improve!

Open at San Jose now!

Using runways 30L and 30R, and some practice with pattern work would be great.

Open again at San Jose, runways 12L ad 12R in use today - more pattern work would be good to practice!

First of all nice controlling! 1st pattern was done very nicely, then I noticed a few things:

  • When I requested a Runway change to Runway 12R you cleared me for the option which you quickly corrected to Runway 12R cleared for the option, after the option, make right traffic.

  • When I reported “Iberia 298 is on final right downwind Runway 12R, Full Stop” you cleared me to land number 1 Runway 12R. This wasn’t necessary as you already cleared me for the option!

  • When I landed you gave me the exit runway command a little late.

  • When I contacted ground you gave me permission to cross Runway 12L, and gave me the taxi to parking straight after the Runway Crossing, you should have told me to taxi to parking once I was clear of the Runway.

Apart from that, you did a nice job! Keep it up!

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Sorry for just getting to this now - I realized that second one as soon as I sent it. Thanks for the feedback!

Using runways 22L and 22R at Newark, some sequencing practice would be great

Passed a practical today, so this can be closed now!

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Congrats!! Hope to see you very soon on the Slack

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Already there!

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