Robert_Hogan’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello! I’m basically new at this - haven’t done it in a while and hoping for some feedback. I’ll be at KMIA for the next hour or so if anyone could stop by I’d really appreciate it. Thank you!

Hey I can join
Just follow the title guidelines.

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Got it thank you!

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Hi there! I’ll stop by for a bit. :)

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Copa 779,

  • United 1826 received no runway exit( those usually come around 70-80knts for commercial aircraft)
  • I taxied through grass for the longest time and I received no warning
  • after I took off, I had a very late sequence, those usually come when planes are on crosswind turn or early downwind
  • that frequency change was not needed, to fix theses use the Disregard last message button
  • the go-around you gave me was premature as I wasn’t low enough. You can finally judge for go-around when the pilot is at about 200 feet ( expert server pilots will also be aware of go around sand will be smart)
  • before my go-around when I was on finial, I tried to give you hints to give me a clearance to land but I didn’t receive a clearance
  • you gave N051USA a double clearance once he is cleared there is no need to re-clear
  • I didnt receive a sequence as there was a plane in finial
  • and the runway exit was really late. tip Any time you see a jet Engined aircraft go below 80knts give a runway exit. For prop planes give a runway exit command around 50-40 knots
    Well that is it for me, if you haven’t done this already I highly suggest you do, you can request to have an IFATC trainer here is the link

Appreciate you taking the time. All very valid - Working on getting the speed/reaction time back. Thanks again.

-No need for line up and wait as by the time I got ready for takeoff that departing traffic was a good distance between me. You could of just cleared me.
-There definitely was a possibility to fit me in between that traffic on a 12 mile final you sequenced need behind. If you needed to still fit me in you’d tell me to turn base to avoid separation loss
-it is very important to have good airspace awareness. Make sure you call those go around when there’s a loss in separation. Also on the upwind after the go around there was departing traffic on upwind. Tell the traffic on upwind in front to extend upwind to give me room to turn for crosswind without them turning crosswind and cutting me off in the already tight situation and causing conflict
-You do not need to tell me another traffic direction like cleared for the option after the option make left traffic. You told me on the initial takeoff clearance to make left traffic so I follow that unless told otherwise. You’d give someone a pattern direction on the clearance only if they are inbound for a touch and go or change runways.

Thanks for the service!

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Thanks for your time!

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Appreciate it!

I thought about fitting you in but wasn’t sure if there was room or not so opted not to. Noted.

Thanks on the conflict after the go around - I wasn’t sure what to do. Also wasn’t sure if I needed to say make left traffic again given the go-around so go to know.

Thanks again for your time.

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Hey @Robert_Hogan, i was A-LOPEZ, my feedback:

  • Never saw a sequence for N705AR, Southwest 112 and for me, sequencing aircrafts is one of the most importants steps when you are controlling an airport.
  • You send an unnecessary 'maintain slowest practical speed command to Southwest 112, because when you sequence an aircraft, they know what plane to follow and thus have a safe distance between themselves.
  • You send an unnecessary ’ i’ll call your base’ to Southwest 112 , because, if you had sequenced your aircraft, they would have avoided the conflict on their own. anyway you had already given an ‘order’ to them by means of cleared for the option, number 2 and 3.
  • When i was on left base for my full stop, you sequence N705AR with a number 2, traffic to follow is on left base, but not cleared them for the option, and then you cleared Southwest 112 for the option as number 3, but without sequencing as number 3, traffic to follow is on left downwind.
  • Good job on giving me a runway exit, but this should be, for a commercial airplane, between 80 to 70 kts, and you say it when i was 100 kts.

Always remember to give to an aircraft a pattern entry if required, a sequence and then a clearance
If you are looking for join the IFATC team in the future, i highly recommend to you, see the tutorial videos, and read the ATC Manual.

Regards, Alberto

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Appreciate you taking the time. I think I get what you’re saying but I’ll have to try it again - I cleared for landing in the order but did not sequence.

And yes, when I needed to resequence that’s the only time I did, rather than every tim.

Still working on my timing of the exits.

Thanks again for your help here.

Do not be discouraged, continue working hard, learning a little from all the feedbacks, seeing that you can improve.
Out of those errors, you did a great job, I mentioned specific things (3) but well explained, so that you could see how to correct it.
I hope to see you soon here on the team, I will always be attentive to your thread, and I will come when I can to give you a little help and continue progressing. Don’t hesitate to send me a PM if you need it.

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Not at all - it’s exactly why I come on here! Practicing without the feedback only does so much … after you said it I recalled the sequencing video that’s out there. And appreciate the offer. Thanks to you and everyone who stopped by tonight!


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