Robbie issues R22/R44 safety alerts

Robinson Helicopter Company has received several reports and allegations from Brazil of R22 and R44 main rotor blades with debonded skins being “repaired” in the field and returned to service.

“Debonded or ‘repaired’ main rotor blades can lead to a fatal accident. Any AO16-4, CO16-2, CO16-5 blade with a debonded skin is not field repairable and must not be returned to service. Any main rotor blade which has been previously ‘repaired’ is unairworthy and must be immediately removed from service,” the company said.

“Owners, operators, and maintenance personnel who have or suspect they may have unairworthy blades should contact Peter Hallqvist ( with Robinson Technical Support immediately for verification and assistance in getting replacement blades.”

Basically the blades are pealing and coming apart, people are repairing them in the field and are being told not to do so.



I once did some work with a South African mercenary pilot called ‘Juma’. Great guy, flew a Mil-Mi 8 on ‘humanitarian’ work in Africa.

First time I met him he asked me if I had any Araldite (a very strong epoxy resin glue for those who don’t know). I gave him some from my stores and he proceeded to fill up bullet holes in his rotor blades with it! Using a playing card as a ‘stopper’ he filled the hole with glue and let it set over night! Quite spectacular to see although the balance was a bit shakey!

I had just switched from metal spar blades to composite BERP blades which was causing a few issues with delamination. Not something you want to mess with!!! A quick ‘tap’ check with a coin tells you is you have a bubble, it could save your life!

How times are ‘a changing’!

Juma’s Mil Mi 8 tank, sorry about the orientation, photoed my log book! :D


Don’t helicopters stall if they lose their blade?

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Helicopters don’t ‘stall’ as such, the blade does (look up retreating blade stall or Vortex ring for a couple of cases). If they lose blades the imbalance would destroy the machine before it had time to ‘stall’!!!


If you lose your blades it’s like losing your wings lol you can stall during a retreating blade stall

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Aren’t helicopters designed to fly if you lose a blade? Kinda how a plane can still fly if they lose an engine.

No, losing an engine is completely different then a wing.
Our twin engine helicopters can lose an engine but a blade just start praying and hopefully the ground won’t hurt to badly

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I just don’t fly helicopters. Like at all, never have never will.

They’re so fun! I love it!
As long as everything is maintained properly and correctly they’re safe

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Geeze lol I would love fly a MI8 maybe I’ll buy one in the future lol

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