rob.mcauley's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed]

Opening now at KISP. Runway 6 open for both.

Hey buddy, I could really use some taxi clearance…

Umm, why’d you just leave?

Are you still open?

That’s odd… I never left but never heard anyone calling either.

You are in the training server, right?

Yes, that’s was strange

Do you see me? I just spawned in again.

There we go

Aside from my pattern work and landings being total BS, you did well. Thank you, good day, Swiss 0001

Thanks for stopping by. I’m not sure what the issue was at first… Might have been a network issue on my part.

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Opening up now at KISP

Closed due to lack of traffic

Open at KALB

Closed due to zero activity

Heat wave got you down? Come through KISP and do some pattern work!

Closing due to lack of traffic. Thank you to AmmoCrate32 for doing some pattern work!

Opening now at KISP. Maybe tonight there will be more of a crowd. Pattern work encouraged!

I stopped by. Great service, no criticism!

Thank you!