rob.mcauley's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed]

Thanks for visiting! I’ve been a member of IF for the better part of a year and have decided to begin preparing to make the jump to IFATC. With over 2,000 operations on Training Server, I’m gearing up to take my test. When open, please swing by and be honest in your feedback. Thanks!

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Open now at KISP. Takeoffs and landings on Runway 24. Pattern work encouraged.

I’ll stop by, F-RUIT.

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Alright Rob, first of all, good effort, although there’s some things to note/improve next time, when there’s 2 or more aircraft doing patterns on a runway you should sequence, I didn’t get a sequence when i took off, also when you gave my clearance you also told me to do left traffic again, this is unecessary as you already told me left traffic on takeoff, you should only give people a direction of pattern either when they’re inbound for touch and goes or they requested a runway change.
When i was on my second pattern I noticed you sequenced me, good. But when i was doing my base turn you cleared JetAirways as number one, although he had already finished his pattern where i was supposed to follow him, so technically I was number 1, so the correct thing you needed to do was to sequence JetAirways to follow me, I noticed your mistake and i extended downwind myself.
Good job on the transition, as the airport altitude is 100ft, the transition would be 2600ft, but that needs to be rounded and hence why 3000ft.
Also there’s no need to tell people to contact NY approach, just give them a freq change.

Overall, good job, take these tips and continue to practice, you will get better with practice :)



Thank you for coming through! Few questions/comments on the feedback…

1: I thought I gave you the sequence, but it may have just been the jitters taking over there.

2a: Since there were two planes of completely different speeds doing pattern work, I decided to have one work right and one work left in order to prevent any possible issues. Was this a good idea? Or should I have just kept everyone going the same direction.

2b: Because of my decision to change direction for the two of you, I changed the other aircraft to right traffic. I only sent you the second left traffic message to show that I wanted to keep you going left despite where I sent the first aircraft. But either way it’s wrong, so something to keep in mind, thanks.

3: You’re absolutely right on the clearance and sequence issue. Thanks for the heads up.

4: I only sent the third aircraft to Approach because his flight plan indicated a landing at KJFK about 20 miles away, and Approach was open. Although I shouldn’t have sent you to Departure.

Thanks again for the feedback and for coming through!

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2500 is adequate as well given the ceiling of this airport’s pattern altitude. No need for rounding.

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About the different pattern directions: that wasn’t really needed as if you sequence an aircraft it should adjust to the speed of the one in front, but if you see that it isn’t possible, use all your resources you have to maintain separation between them, like extend upwind or 360 commands.

I always thought because the minimum separation between aircraft should always be 1000ft+ then it would be appropriate to round, because otherwise the separation would be 900ft, I’ll take that into consideration next time

That’s IFR. VFR is a different story; 500 feet is acceptable per the regs.

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Pattern work encouraged. Takeoff and land runway 33L.

I’m coming! Trying to use the 172 for the first time, I hope this won’t finish into a crash.

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Looking forward to it

So, (I was CG-004)

Just some little things:

  • When I requested runway change, you gave me a pattern entry (which is good) and a clearance but as it was a runway change you need to say (in this case) “Make right traffic” as I would block the departures of 33L (This is also why I turned to the left when I did my touch & go)

  • I asked a departure to the west but you forgot to say: “Frequency Change Approved”.

  • Transition Altitude was a bit too high, Airport Elevation + 2500’ usually works. In this case 2500’

Overall was pretty good, hope to see you in the IFATC team!

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Thanks for the feedback!

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No problem!

Good job, no mishaps, just note what your other replies have said.

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Thank you! Appreciate you coming out.

Runways 33L and 33R open, pattern work appreciated.

How much longer will you be open for?

Depends on traffic, which has been moderate going out to KJFK

Just closed for the evening. Anyone who stopped by feel free to leave feedback.