Roatan turn! United 737-824 (ER) *WL

Here are some photos of my quick Roatan turn! IAH-RTB-IAH. Enjoy folks!

Flight Information:
Route: Houston-Roatan-Houston
Flight Time: 2:21 (IAH-RTB), 2:23 (RTB-IAH)
Aircraft: N37267 (#3267), an 20.8 year old 737-824ER. Painted in Evo Blue livery
Server: Expert Server
**Flight Numbers: UA2043 (IAH-RTB), UA2457 (RTB-IAH)

And here she is! N37267, which will take me to Roatan and back. She is at the gate, after coming in from an early morning flight from Charlotte, NC (CLT) as UA287

Takeoff from Houston (IAH)!

Somewhere over Mexico. Absolutely beautiful scenery!

And just like that, we have landed at Roatan!

Unfortunately, we are not overnighting in Roatan ): Time to head back to Houston

Captain treated me to some traditional Honduran Pupusas. Of course, I had to have a large bottle of Coke to wash it all down!

And Just like that, we are off

Over Madeira, Mexico!

Welcome back to Houston!

And after that super, long taxi. We have arrived at the Gate!

Hopefully you all enjoyed these photos! Have a great day


I guess for some reason, I accidentally mixed up the IAH photos. The first photo was the landing, and the second photo was the take off πŸ˜‚

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That is actually β€œMerida”, no Madeira ;)

Looks like you had a great trip :)


Awesome photos! I sure do like me a United 737 flight! :)

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Thanks for the correction!

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Those are some really nice shoots man keep up the great work! If you had a YouTube channel id follow for sure!Again job πŸ‘πŸ»

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Thanks for the kind comment! Always appreciated πŸ‘πŸ½

Sweet! I’ve actually flown this route irl a while back, my first international trip! Nice to see someone else knows about the gem that is Roatan.

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Roatan is definitely one of my favorite destinations to fly into!

Great pics! Love the realism!!

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Thanks for the comment!

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